Data Center 1

Hub Station, Gazipur

Data Center 2

CHQ, Mohakhali

Data Center 3

Software Technology Park
  • Geographically located with interconnections to reduce redundancy and ensure failover of critical workloads.
  • No SPOF( Single point of failure ) in infrastructure layer.
  • Multiple UP link for uninterrupted access with adequate BW pipe.
  • Full cloud Infrastructure is hosted behind strong multilayer security infrastructure.

Nailing the basic components Every time.

Secure & Reliable

100% SLGs

Power and cooling available 100% of the time. No longer your problem, it's ours.

Worlds Best Compliance

When it comes to industry certifications, we’ve got it covered. PCI, Tier III uptime, ISO27001 & more.


Challenge us with your architecture. Add compute, storage or network services and turn them on and off like a tap.

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We can press a button, troubleshoot an issue or migrate your environment anytime you need it.

Square Informatix Data Center Tour

Our data center is considered a top tier facility in terms of network connectivity and infrastructure design. We are headquartered in Kawran Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Kawran Bazar is a strategic central point in Bangladesh that makes it an ideal location in which to distribute Internet data throughout Bangladesh.

Our primary Data Center is located inside of an 11 floor secure building called Janata tower also known as the Software Technology Park. The Janata tower (Software technology Park) was built for the expansion of the country’s high tech industry. It is one of the largest telecommunications facilities in the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh.
Our Data center can accommodate larger server farms and data center cages. We maintain direct high speed bandwidth connections. We currently host a vast amount of Internet web, mail and application servers, network routers, switches, firewalls and storage systems.

Our data center maintains level current and short term power backup through complex UPS system, and protects against possible long term power failures with backup generators. Ideal temperature and humidity is accurately controlled with redundant cooling systems. A high level of security is maintained through a five level system that includes access codes, a security guard station, biometric hand scanners, electronic proximity readers and security cameras.

Data Center Cooling

Our data center is protected by redundant indoor Air-Conditioning systems and is maintained at an optimal temperature. The cooling systems provide precise, reliable control of the Data Center temperature, humidity and airflow that improves operating conditions for sensitive electronic equipment.

Data Center Equipment:

We are a premier partner of CISCO in Bangladesh and use only CISCO high performance and reliable equipment and servers.

• Network Equipment:
o Cisco Routers and Switches

• Data Storage Systems:
o Cisco Storage Systems

• Network Firewalls:
o Cisco Firewalls

• Internet Servers:
o Cisco Servers

Data Center Fire Protection

Our Data Center is engineered with the highest degree of protection against fire damage: Concrete floors, fire proof walls and steel framed racks. Also there are no flammable materials inside the data center area.

We use a state-of-the-art air sampling fire detection system that is capable of detecting invisible by-products of materials as they degrade during precombustion stages of an incipient fire by actively and continuously sampling air.

Data Center Network

To ensure that webpages and applications reach end users with the least amount of delay, our data center is directly linked to a few major Internet backbones via rich fiber connections. Because most end-users can reach a server hosted at our Data Center via any of major backbones, the most common network problem on the internet is avoided by eliminating the necessity to interconnect between backbone carriers at peering points and decrease the number of hops between the end users and the web server.

Our state-of-the-art Internet Data Center is engineered for high performance and redundancy. It has scalable bandwidth capacity of Gigabit Ethernet or higher. We use Dynamic Routing to deliver packets to end users via the shortest path.

Data Center Power

Our Data Center building is served by reliable grids that allow one grid to drop without interruption to the building power supply. Separate power generators are connected to separate power grids to provide redundant power protections. We maintain Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) that insure against short-term power interruptions. Our UPS systems also regulate the quality of power so that all equipment receives constant line voltage.

Data Center Security

There are multiple levels of security required to gain physical access to our securely hosted servers and equipment in our data center.

LEVEL 1: No Public Access – Our data center is locked from public access. Each customer will be issued an access card to gain entrance to the building.

LEVEL 2: Building Security Guards – Our data center building has security guards on duty 24/7 hours a day 7 days a week. Building security guards will check for visitors and monitor building environments.

LEVEL 3: Biometric Hand Scanner – Access to our data center is only gained through biometric hand scanners.

LEVEL 4: Video Surveillance – Our entire office building and data center is monitored 24x7 by security cameras. Cameras are positioned at every entrance and each racks and the video is recorded throughout.

Data Center Support

Providing our customers with quality support is our first priority. We staff our Cloud Services Support Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure that our clients always have system availability. Every server is monitored on our consolidated web-based application that provides a portal for staff and clients to reference support tickets, hardware/software/network configuration, bandwidth utilization and customized support procedures.

We focus on the needs of the customers and our technical support team has many years of experience in IT services. We are well known for helpful and timely responses as well as providing excellent customer service. It is easy to reach to a live person over the phone or through email. You will not experience any long call waits or holds.